Smart watering for professionals

HYDROBOX HYDROBOX is a patented system for watering garden plants, urban greenery, lawns, plantings and for erosion control.

Plantings of trees and shrubs

Planting trees and shrubs is one of the most important actions in creating the public space landscape. In fact, the longevity of the trees and shrubs depends on their proper placement. Particular species differ in requirements in terms of a type and dampness of soil, insolation, climatic conditions. They also put up with frost differently.

During the first few years from setting up the garden, the newly planted trees are small. Only later they gain more characteristic features for a given species or variety.

HYDROBOX helps the trees and shrubs in taking root, reducing a number of fall-outs up to 65%. It also improves a development of the root system by strengthening it.

Decorative plantings of perennials and flowers

Perennials is a very important group of the garden plants. They are called the supplementary plants by designers. As far as the trees and shrubs constitute a framework of a garden’s design, the perennials and flowers add aesthetic value to a garden. It is often the case that they decide about the final visual effect of the garden.

All the plants need sunlight for proper growth. There is a significant group of perennials which feels best in full sun. There aren’t many species which will grow in complete shadow in addition, they have to compete with large trees for water.

Both a shortage of water (being a result of evaporation) and its excess might have an impact on the appearance of the decorative plants. HYDROBOX, through optimization of the watering level, has a beneficial influence on the colouring and foliage of the flowers and perennials, accelerating their growth.

Green roofs and walls

Gardens on the roof and green walls bring people close to nature. They also mitigate the urban climate. They enable hiding undesired views of the compact, concrete building development. They concentrate the sight of the passersby, impressing with the diversity of plants. They increasingly constitute an element of interior design in the office buildings, shopping malls and hotels.

Advantages of the green walls and roofs are considered not only in an aesthetic dimension but also in the ecological one. They have a capacity to absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, they also decrease street noise level. Covering the walls of the buildings with climbers prevents their excessive heating during a hot summer, while in winter, thanks to a layer of leaves, they keep warm air, which reduces the heat losses incurred by the building. Using HYDROBOX will reduce water evaporation and, using less water during watering, the maintenance costs will be reduced. It will enable introduction of a wide range of plants and keeping them in a good condition, through provision of a sufficient water retention. Thanks to a unique technology, combining geocell and HYDROBOX, green walls, as well as the sloping area and flat green roofs, can be made in an easy and economic way.

Slopes and levees

Newly formed dikes of banks and excavations, as well as slopes and flat infrastructure surfaces of the urban areas are areas rid of vegetation. Before these areas will be covered with vegetation, apart from blowing out of the soil, there is an erosion. It causes damage to the earth structures and material losses.

HYDROBOX could be used as an element for water retention, which supports the development of flora that constitute a part of a biotech protection of the dikes. Apart from an improvement in the grasses condition, HYDROBOX increases their root mass and the development of the above-ground parts. It significantly impacts an effectiveness and durability of the erosion control. HYDROBOX could be used as a supportive element for:

  • grass cover,
  • grass cover supported by geocells on steep slopes,
  • grass cover in the geocell system separated from ground with geomembranes.